Limestone Table, Bases, and Countertops

limestone table

Limestone table, bases and tops.  Who supplies them and how you get the best price for stone tables in your area.

Natural stone is a functional and durable furniture solution.  It works throughout your home, office and garden.

With cool creamy earth tone colors, limestone offers benefits not found in other furniture . . . heat resistance, ability to withstand weather, and natural beauty.

Functionally, granite is the best choice of stone for furniture, rather than onyx, limestone or marble.

Whether you’re looking for a limestone coffee table, Bellacor has coffee tables, custom table bases made of wrought iron and hand forged steel, you’ll find helpful information here.

Custom granite and limestone pedestal table

Custom steel table bases can be used with limestone tops as well as granite or any other stone.

granite table

Limestone Table Tops

limestone table tops

A limestone table top can be custom made from any kind of stone you select.  Tops can be purchased from pre-made inventory also.

Custom stone tables can be any size or shape. They are typically made by a granite fabricator.  You decide the stone you want, the size you want, and the edge treatment you want.

Many times your table can be made from limestone remnants which will save you money. You can expect to pay $30 to $50 per square foot for custom made limestone table tops.

baltic brown table top

Stock or pre-made limestone tables can be a cost effective way to stone tables.

A typical size round stone table might be 18 inches in diameter.  For kitchen or dining tables, you may need to visit a local fabricator to find one large enough.

Also, keep in mind that shipping large stone tables can be extremely expensive.  Consider that a 36 inch by 60 inch stone table can weigh 300 pounds.  Here are some ideas for stone table tops.

Onyx Tables

Marble Tables

Limestone countertops vs. granite

Limestone Table Bases

So what do you put stone table tops on?  A limestone table base needs careful consideration since it may have to support a lot of weight.

Wood bases can look very attractive but may not be sturdy enough to withstand the weight or even balance a  heavy stone top.

Granite Care Tips

Hand Forged Steel Table Bases

I have seen well build hardwood table bases that work great and perform great.

Steel or wrought iron bases often make ideal limestone bases.  They are strong, heavy, and offer many design options.  Check out the resources below for stone furniture and table bases.

Limestone tops combined with appropriate bases are both functional and beautiful.  They also offer a versatile design element for your home.

Here’s a selection of table bases to look at.

Onyx Table

Limestone Tables and Bases

Limestone Stain Removal

Here are proven limestone stain removal directions that can restore your stone table back to its original natural beauty.

This guide includes removing stains from granite, marble, and limestone.  We have cleaned limestone stains of all types, some by trial and error, but all with great results – oil, paint, rust, wine stains, water marks.

Limestone Table Repair

Do you need to repair a limestone top? Trust me, it’s like pulling teeth to get a professional stone installer to come out for a small repair job like a crack or chip.

For the “do-it-yourself” crowd, I recommend the ProCaliber Products™Granite & Marble Acrylic Repair Kit.

This kit is easy to use.  The clear flowing gel material brings out the natural pattern of any color in natural stone so there’s no matching colors.  (With limestone this is generally never a problem anyway).

You actually get enough material to perform 5-10 small repairs even at the low price of $28.99. Kit comes with everything you need. You can’t beat it.

Watch the granite and limestone repair video.

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