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Find quality contractors with Angie’s List and save money off membership with an Angie’s List promo code or even an Angie’s List Free Trial if it’s available in your area.

Here’s my experience with Angie’s List – As a granite countertop fabricator and installer, I was approached by Angie’s List over 12 years ago for what I thought was paid advertising or worse, a scam.  I said NO. (What Is Angie’s List?)

Then I discovered that they weren’t asking for any money from me. Instead they wanted to provide their members an honest evaluation of my company and others.

For 12 years now, I’ve been a real fan.  Here’s why … even with all my contacts in the building trades, you’d think I would have no problem getting quality work and results from local contractors in my OWN home.  But that hasn’t been the case.  Angie to the rescue.

At the time, I just viewed them as another advertising company trying to get me to spend money.  They made it difficult, however, because they weren’t interested in getting me to write a check for a recommendation.

In fact, none of the reviewed or recommended contractors EVER pay to be listed.  Find Kitchen & Bath dealers with Angie.

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Angie’s List Free Trial

When Angie’s List is new to an area they offer Angie’s list free.  Check to see if a free trial is available in your area.  If not, save money with an Angie’s List Coupon like the one offering 45% off regular membership price.

It’s one more way to save money and get a great value.

A company is listed and then other members and consumers review the contractor, their practices, and their reputation.  There are no anonymous reviews.

What I thought was a hassle, was actually a blessing for homeowners.  Even for granite countertops, their listings help determine granite countertop pros and cons and they help find the best granite countertop prices.  See Best Granite Sealer for recommended granite care products.

Better yet, as a member of Angie’s,  you have access to reviews of not just home improvement contractors, but also auto mechanics, and even healthcare providers.

What is Angie’s List?

When dealing with contractors of any kind, quality referrals are your best way to avoid the frustration and hassle.  And it’s why you should consider a referral source like Angieslist.com to help you find any kind of contractor, not just granite fabricators and installers.

So check out Angie’s today!   You’ll find thousands of unbiased reviews of local service companies.  Get a personal recommendation  from someone just like yourself.  And remember no contractors can pay to be on the list – See Angie’s List for Granite Countertop Support  

Even though I’ve been in the building trades for years, I use Angie’s List myself, everything from car repair to medical providers.

Angie’s list, HomeAdvisor, or ProRinger?

New Angie’s List alternatives have shown up like HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and now ProRinger.  These sites let you research and hire home contractors without the subscription fee of Angie’s.  However, these companies charge contractors to be listed and to connect to you as a customer.


ProRinger touts itself as the only free open market in the US for homeowners and contractors to connect.  You create an account for free and then list jobs or find contractors without a fee.

You can chat with contractors that are online at the time to get immediate answers or quotes.  You can also post reviews for others to read.

Latest stats on 3/8/15 show 2112 jobs and 190 customers, so the volume of references and experience is limited now.


HomeAdvisor is advertising heavily now to compete with Angie’s list.  Like ProRinger and Angie’s list,  HomeAdvisor lets you post contractor reviews for other users to make more informed decisions.

They promote their HomeAdvisor Seal of Approval to boost confidence.  Contractors are put through a background screening to receive approval.  They check state-level trade licensing and claim to help resolve complaints.

The background check takes place at the time the contractor enrolls, and HomeAdvisor states they “cannot guarantee that profile and screening information is accurate or up-to-date”.  Therefore, they recommend you verify the information yourself.

Angie’s List Mobile Apps

Angie’s List apps are available for Apple and Google devices

The Angie’s List mobile app offers access to Angie’s List verified ratings and reviews to anyone who has purchased a current Angie’s List subscription. See ratings for contractors in 720 unique services such as home repair, auto care, and health and medical services.

Down load the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.


Angie’s also introduced SnapFix. Snap a picture and Angie’s List can provide a highly-rated provider to perform the work.  Angie’s List team will contact you to coordinate and schedule work, then we work together to get the project scheduled as quickly as possible. Apple users can access SnapFix through the Angie’s List app.

Angie’s Helpful Hints

3 Questions Your Contractor Should Never Ask You

Here’s an example of helpful information you’ll find on Angie’s List …

Service companies will qualify their customers with requests for information that can seem invasive and even rude.  However, certain questions should throw up a red flag.  Here’s what to be cautious of – Angie’s List Advice.

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