Is Granite Transformations Better Than Granite?

granite transformations

Granite Transformations tops never need sealing and they’re 100% granite with a binder.  So is Granite Transformations better than granite?

They offer granite “cladding”, meaning their countertop products are installed as veneers over your existing tops or kitchen backsplashes  and don’t require demolition, mess, or downtime like slab granite installs.  They also claim to be the largest countertop manufacturer in the world.

Trend Stone, the brand name for the engineered granite counters, supposedly outperforms typical granite countertops because they’re non-porous, resist stains, and need little maintenance.  It resists wear, stains, chemicals.  It’s frost resistant and light weight.

The veneers come with a lifetime limited warranty on the material, compared to granite warranties which are hard to find.  For small countertops, you can save money using leftover granite pieces from a granite fabricator in your area.

Sealing Trend Stone

These granite veneers are heat, scratch, and stain resistant because they are produced with ForeverSeal®.  Slab granite countertops require granite sealer to resist stains.  Trend Stone never needs any sealer.

granite kitchen

Kitchen and bath granite

Trend Stone is used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, tubs, fireplaces, flooring, and shower walls.  The granite veneers cover virtually any surface.

  • No messy demolition required to install
  • No downtime – 1 day installation
  • Resists heat, cold, scratches and stains
  • ForeverSeal® eliminates the need for sealing
  • Wide color choice – more than 50 colors to choose from
  • Durable with a lifetime limited warranty
  • Faster projects
  • Franchisees both fabricate and install all products
  • Manufactured in the USA

Granite Transformations Deals

Through you should receive offers for work done on your home.  Currently, GT offers a $300 Off coupon that should be available to you through the mail.

legacy brackets

Dress Up Your Kitchen With These

Handmade Corbels For Granite Countertops

You need solid support for stone tops.  Here’s a selection of handmade, wrought iron and steel brackets and corbels for granite countertops all made in the US.

Each is designed to support the weight of stone counters, but styled to compliment your kitchen . . .  More Countertop Supports

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