Are Marble Countertops Better Than Granite?

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Marble countertops don’t perform well in kitchens.  That being said, they are luxurious and elegant.  And the veining is dramatic.  Granite is the choice for kitchen countertops.  Read on to learn the differences in durability and versatility between marble and granite. Also to see how to perform marble countertop care and how to seal marble countertops.

The beauty of marble is timeless and will last for generations. It’s versatile, finding uses throughout the home . . . floors, walls, tables, sills, fireplaces, and countertops.

Marble tops perform well in the bathroom, but can be affected by personal hygiene products or bathroom cleaning products.  You should find marble prices comparable to granite.

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What is marble?

Unlike granite, marble was never a molten rock. Marble is a metamorphic rock that started out as limestone. Intense pressure and heat caused it to recrystallize.  Do Limestone countertops perform well?

Other materials formed with the marble giving it a variety of colors and veining. The stone industry considers any stone other than granite to be a marble if it can be polished.  Marble slabs are smaller than granite and usually have a mesh material on the back to protect them from cracking.

How do acids affect marble tops?

Similar to limestone, marble is made of calcite. It is soft and reacts to acids. Vinegar, wine, and fruit juice will etch the surface of the countertop. It can be damaged by alcohol and oils as well.

Cleaning marble countertops requires non-acidic cleaners. See marble and stone cleaning for cleaning instructions for all types of natural stone.

Compared to granite marble counters are very soft. Do marble countertops scratch?  You don’t want to cut on them with knives since they can easily scratch. Some experts disagree that marble is porous and can stain. The stains you might see in marble are usually acid etched stains which means they were the result of acid reacting rather than liquid absorption into the stone. Sealing may help reduce staining and may be considered an integral part of marble care – See How To Seal Marble Countertops.

Marble kitchen countertops can scratch, stain, and etch. It’s really not it a good choice for the kitchen. It is heat resistant and can be used sparingly in a kitchen, such as a baking area.

As a bathroom countertop or fireplace surround, marble is wonderful. In the kitchen, instead of marble, granite countertops are a better choice. Marble performs well as a countertop in many rooms but is not recommended as a kitchen countertop material.

Marble tops in kitchens show well in “homearama” and designer showcases.  But when it comes to performance, a marble countertop will show stains and scratches in no time. Even after sealing marble, you still cannot stop the risk of stains.

Marble Countertop Warranty

If you feel you can’t live without marble counters in your kitchen, consider some of the manmade natural quartz countertops. With brand names like CaesarStone, Silestone, Cambria and Zodiaq, quartz countertops offer stone “look a likes” but have none of the drawbacks. These manmade engineered stone tops often come with a warranty of 10 or more years.

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